Calling Accounts
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Viacloud offers a range of international calling accounts to both retail and corporate customers. Calling accounts are a convenient way to make international calls without the need for a physical card or entering a PIN number before each call. Account owners can make calls from both their home phones and their mobile phones, and either pre-pay or be billed later.


Viacloud's calling accounts come in two main variations:

Pre-paid Account
A pre-paid calling account needs to have a certain amount of credit before calls can be made. The user pays upfront before the account is activated in order to start making calls, and is then notified once the account is running low on credit. Credit can be added to the account in a number of ways including cash, check, or credit card, either to Viacloud directly or through an authorized reseller.

Post-paid Account
A post-paid calling account allows users to make international calls and receive a bill at the end of each month that includes details of each call that was made. An application is required from users seeking to qualify for a post-paid account.


There are several options for users to access Viacloud's network with their calling accounts. These access options include:

Automatic Number Identification (ANI)

The user dials a local toll-free number and is provided with a dial tone to enter the desired international number. The user must specify in the account application the phone numbers from which calls will be made so that Viacloud can recognize and authorize calls from those numbers only.

Carrier Pre-select (CPS)
The user can designate Viacloud as the "default" carrier, which will allow all international calls to automatically be routed to Viacloud's network without the need for users to first dial the toll-free number.

Voice-over-Broadband (VoBB)
For users with high speed internet or "broadband" connections such as DSL, cable, or satellite, special devices can be installed on site to route international calls to Viacloud over those connections. The user simply plugs in a normal handset or wireless phone into the device that is connected to the internet and is provided with a dial tone and immediate access to the Viacloud network.

Corporate Solutions (IP PBX)
For more advanced corporate users, Viacloud offers a range of corporate solutions to businesses of different sizes in order to help manage their international calling costs. Such solutions usually involve the purchase of special hardware such as an IP PBX that will route calls over a combination of the user's own private network and Viacloud's network. Calls routed on the user's private network, usually connecting offices in different locations, are made without incurring any call related charges. For calls made to external numbers, calls will be charged according to tailored pricing plans developed by Viacloud according to the needs of each business customer.

IP PBXs are being increasingly used to replace traditional PBXs or office phone switches, as they provide not only significant cost savings on international calls but also a range of advanced features that are not typically available on traditional systems.


Some of the benefits that Viacloud's calling accounts provide their users include:

Reduced Calling Costs
Viacloud's international calling services are priced competitively to ensure that customers are able to significantly reduce their calling costs.

High Quality Calls
All of Viacloud's international calling services are routed over its high quality voice network to ensure that call availability and clarity is not compromised.

Superior Customer Service
All users are provided access to Viacloud's customer service center which has been recognized for the courtesy and responsiveness of its call agents.

Added Convenience
The account can be more convenient that other alternatives such as calling cards and call shops where the user would need to either purchase a physical card or be physically present in the call shop to make international calls.

Accurate Reporting
A bill is sent to each user at the end of each month, and the account can be monitored online for pricing, promotions, and usage.


Viacloud's callings accounts are available from a range of resellers and distributors in several countries within the Middle East and internationally.